DELA Mission

DELA shares the DTUI mission. The mission is to provide access to continuing education opportunities that support learners in the development of the competencies needed to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, model inclusive behaviors, and provide leadership and service to their communities.

DELA Training Model

Our training model combines professional growth, learning through doing, and faculty that are also on the front lines of the work. DELA supports the continuing education of graduates through a range of solutions, including seminars, webcasts and podcasts, conferences, corporate, military, and government programs, guidebooks, and research.

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The Diversity Executive Leadership Academy is a world leader in cultural diversity professional development, continuous education, and certification.

DELA is a trusted partner for meeting the challenges of the cultural diversity practitioner role.

DELA’s mission and approach to increasing cultural diversity practitioner competence combine learning through doing with continuing education for professional growth. DELA supports the development of individuals and organizations through a range of solutions, including seminars, webcasts and podcasts, conferences, corporate, military and government programs, guidebooks, and research.

Organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, higher education institutions, healthcare, government, and military, turn to DELA as the leader in cultural diversity practitioner development. They utilize our experience to enhance competencies and draw upon our expertise.

 Faculty & Admin

  • Billy Vaughn, Ph.D. – Director
  • Mary Ellen Ruiz, CDP – Associate Director
  • Pamela Baker, CDP CDT CDIR
  • Latoia Odusanya (Customer Service)
  • Ruchira Gokyale (Asia Certification Program)
  • Nirmala Menon (Asia Certifications Program)
  • Kathy Simonis CDP CDIR
  • William Makell CDP (In Residence)

Our Advisory Board

  • Tania Anderson CDP (Space Telegraph & Science Institute)
  • Tina Bose CDP (Practitioner)
  • Vishwa Kapadia CDP (Director of People, Platform 9 Systems)
  • Kathleen McLean CDP (McLean Group)
  • Jewel Martin CDP (Central Intelligence Agency, Retired) 
  • Juan Meraz, Ph.D. CDP (Missouri State University, Board Chair)
  • Gayatri Rath CDP (Consultant)
  • Gregory Stinyard, Ph.D. CDP CDT CDE CDIR (Diversity & Inclusion Director, Inclusive Excellence
  • Kathy Simonis CDP (Macquarie Group)
  • Billy Vaughn, Ph.D. CDP CDT CDE (DELA Director)
  • Jacqueline Welch CDP CDM, CCPC (Trainer)

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