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Diversity leadership professionals are best positioned to help organizations meet modern challenges. Unfortunately, too many are ill-equipped to take full advantage of their position due to both institutional barriers and limited, if any, formal cultural diversity professional training. Those who bootstrap their way to success tend to believe that formal training is unnecessary. They tend to say that simply valuing the work and rolling out cultural diversity best practices are sufficient for success.

Organizations will continue to fall short of creating belonging cultures as long as the importance of diversity leadership is undervalued. Providing the executive with the expertise needed to earn a seat at the leadership table increases recognition, adds value, and promises to drive bottom-line results. Otherwise, one will be left to settling for less than stellar results and naively stepping on cultural diversity landmines. The Diversity Executive Leadership Academy (DELA) is designed and developed to provide that expertise.

DELA trains the competencies needed to achieve high impact on organizational inclusion results. Our focus on cultivating organizational leadership and development skills makes the academy unique. Professionals can earn Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Professional (CDP), Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Trainer (CDT), or Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Executive (CDE) credentials. The CDE includes CDP, CDT, and a few additional courses.


  • Billy Vaughn, Ph.D. (San Francisco/DC, Director)
  • Nirmala Menon, CDP (India, CDP Program)
  • Ruchira Gokhale, CDP (India, CDP Program)
  • Jacqueline Burnett-Brown, CDP CDT (Faculty)
  • Annie-Rose London, MA (Oakland, CA., Trainer)
  • William Makell, CDP (Washington DC area; Trainer)


  • Billy Vaughn, PhD (Senior Managing Partner)
  • Eileen Sanchez (Head Administrator)
  • Jewel Martin, CDP (Diversity Executive Leadership Academy Advisory Board Chair)
  • Gina Quinlan, CDP (Recruitment)
  • Mary Ellen Ruiz, CDP (Managing Partner)

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