The Top Ten Multicultural Recruitment Strategy Questions

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The Top Ten Multicultural Recruitment Strategy Questions

1. How have people gotten their jobs in this company before?

2. Who gets left out of the informal recruitment process?

3. Do good employees come into the company through the informal system?

4. How do we define “qualified” in this company?

5. Is being qualified an issue here, if so, was the issue raised after diversity was introduced?

6. Is the question of being qualified really about maintaining the privileges of the “Old Guard” in the company?

7. Are we willing to examine our issues concerning qualifications and diversity?

8. Do we need outside expertise to help us with our challenges?

9. Do we use credible and culturally-sensitive measures of qualification?

10. How can we think of the term “qualified” from an inclusive perspective?

ased in part on: Bogan, Mary. “Confronting the Issue of Qualified” Cultural Diversity at Work 9:3 (Jan 1997) 11.

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