The Top Ten Multicultural Team Characteristics

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The Top Ten Multicultural Team Characteristics

1. The leadership follows inclusive procedures that all team members recognize.

2. The team discusses the reality of the multicultural makeup of the team.

3. Point out both differences and similarities in cultural values.

4. Create a vision for the functioning of the team. Ask members what they need for full participation in a multicultural group.

5. Create norms for multicultural team effectiveness. List and make public the norms or ground rules for multicultural effectiveness.

6. Create norms for cultural conflict resolution.

7. Evaluate the team process relative to its diversity.

8. Establish clear criteria about decision-making styles.

9. Measure accomplishments, focus on results, and manage the multicultural process.

10. Celebrate the result and praise the efforts of both leading and supportive members.

From: “Raising a Multicultural Team,” Cultural Diversity at Work 7:6 (July 1995).

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