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The Top Ten Ways to Build Trust in a Diverse Organization

Productivity is directly a function of trusting relationships among members that occurs without conscious consideration. Trust in an inclusive organization refers to the confidence members have in the leadership, based on the veracity and reliability of implementing policies and procedures. A passive feeling of trust is the absence of concern and suspicion of others’ intentions across different cultural groups and gender. Trust is not automatic. It is the result of a track record of members testing the leadership and policies with a consistent, trustworthy outcome. The following list provides actions a group can take to build long-lasting trust.

1. Discuss the relationship between trust and team building

2. Develop a shared definition of trust.

3. Assess the group’s present level of trust.

4. Develop a shared vision of becoming a group with an optimal trust level.

5. Each member actively works on awareness of personal issues concerning trust.

6. Group sharing of individual and identity group trust differences and concerns.

7. Each member develops an individual trust building plan.

8. The group is trained on communicating trustworthiness.

9. Give “transgressors” the benefit of the doubt. Describe the behaviors they engaged in that you viewed as untrustworthy. Be specific and clear.

10. Realize that all relationships suffer from minor transgressions over time which triggers a sense of mistrust. Keep the larger picture in mind in order to be as forgiving as possible without relinquishing the goal of sustaining trustworthiness.

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  • Heyward Watson July 13, 2022 @ 11:23 am

    I need additional information about examples of how start conversations on trust and exercises to get people started.

    • User Avatar
      Kopenhavn August 3, 2022 @ 1:08 pm

      Check out the book, Difficult Conversations, by Douglass Stone and others. That will be a good start.

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